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Paid for by Lynne Vanderslice, 103 Middlebrook Farm Road, Wilton, CT. Approved by Lynne Vanderslice.

Paid for by the Wilton Republican Town Committee, Carol Lenihan, Treasurer.
Approved by the Wilton Republican Town Committee.

Zoning Board of Appeals

Anthony Cenatiempo

for Zoning Board of Appeals

Anthony is currently Vice Chair of the Zoning Board of Appeals. A litigation attorney with an office in Stamford, he has practiced law in Connecticut since 2005. His legal experience gives him a clear and deep understanding of Wilton’s zoning regulations. He does his homework rigorously and puts strong emphasis on clear communications with applicants and members of the public during hearings. He looks forward to continuing to serve all of our residents on the ZBA.

Monty Du

for Zoning Board of Appeals

Monty is a first-generation immigrant and naturalized US citizen who is eager and well qualified to serve our community. An engineer trained at Columbia University, Monty has spent 23 years designing and building transportation infrastructure in Connecticut and worldwide. His profession requires him always to understand local codes and regulations. Respecting these requirements and maintaining Wilton’s quality of life, while helping ease any true hardship for residents, will be his priorities as a ZBA member.

Libby Bufano

for Zoning Board of Appeals

Libby has been serving on Wilton’s Zoning Board of Appeals since 2014. She is trained in Freedom of Information Act requirements and has a clear grasp of Wilton’s unique topographical situations and the kinds of hardships that resident cases may present. A Wilton resident for more than 50 years, she also served as Treasurer of the Miller Driscoll PTA and of the Republican Town Committee and was actively involved with the Wilton Playshop for many years.