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Paid for by Lynne Vanderslice, 103 Middlebrook Farm Road, Wilton, CT. Approved by Lynne Vanderslice.

Paid for by the Wilton Republican Town Committee, Carol Lenihan, Treasurer.
Approved by the Wilton Republican Town Committee.

Planning and Zoning

Melissa-Jean Rotini

for Planning and Zoning

Twice appointed to serve as a member of Planning & Zoning, Melissa is the Director of Environmental Management Operations for the Solid Waste Division of Westchester County’s Department of Environmental Facilities. Previously, she practiced municipal law for more than 16 years. During that time, she represented first responders after 9/11, defended multiple NY towns, and for a decade handled environmental law and other matters for Westchester County.  Her experience in municipal government gives her a unique understanding of applications that come before P&Z. During her 12 

years in Wilton, she has served as a member and chair of the Economic Development Commission, and has volunteered as a member of the Wilton School District’s Math and Curriculum Review committees, as co-chair of two PTA event committees, and as room mom at Miller Driscoll, where her two daughters attend school. Melissa has been a vocal advocate for citizen involvement, balancing development needs with planning, conservation, and preservation, applicant responsibility, and appropriate health and safety reviews in the P&Z process.

Rick Tomasetti

for Planning and Zoning

A lifelong Wilton resident and prominent architect, Rick is currently Vice Chair of the Planning & Zoning Commission. Rick served on the Miller Driscoll Building Committee, playing a key role in bringing in the renovation at $6 million under budget and ahead of schedule. Rick has also served Wilton as Building Inspectors Board of Appeals, member of the Wilton Water Pollution Control Authority, and member of the Wilton Family YMCA Board of Directors. As a member of P&Z, he has led the way on its proposed planning review exercise and has worked to protect the rights of property owners. Rick has a proven record of successful architecture and construction projects throughout Connecticut, New York, Delaware, and South Carolina. His expertise will help Wilton to be proactive in updating its zoning regulations to ensure they are effective and forward-thinking, believing strongly that this will encourage a higher level of design and incentivize preservation for everyone’s benefit.

Matthew Murphy

for Planning and Zoning

A current member of Planning & Zoning, Matthew is running for his second term. As a local business owner in Fairfield County, he has worked with several municipalities on planning and zoning issues and appreciates the difficulty of balancing the concerns of businesses with the need for consistency in zoning regulations. During his first term on P&Z, Matthew has developed a firm grasp of the priorities of Wilton’s residents through his work on the town’s Plan of Conservation and Development. A 24-year Wilton resident, he is committed to preserving the town’s history and charm while meeting its development requirements.

Jake Bittner

for Planning and Zoning

Jake is a design and construction professional with experience building in towns and cities throughout the country, including Aspen and Nantucket, that have successfully embraced historic preservation and thoughtfully managed planning to produce thriving communities.  Jake’s 22+ years of experience have given him a unique understanding of how regulations physically shape buildings and the built environment, and how they can allow exceptional solutions and avoid major failures. Raised in Weston and a 10-year Wilton resident, Jake is devoted to preserving the historic and rural character of Wilton and is committed to implementing the POCD, empowering design review, and pursuing ever higher quality development for Wilton and its residents.

Jill Warren

for Planning and Zoning

A recent graduate of Cornell, Jill brings a fresh perspective to Wilton, one that represents younger people looking for the best town for themselves and their families. With a degree in Biology, Health, and Society, she will bring the invaluable approach of a scientist to the questions of water quality, pollution, population density, and public health that figure prominently in decisions about planning and zoning. She is also a seasoned advocate accustomed to putting her abilities and voice to work in the service of the public. She was a founder of a Victims and Survivors Association at Cornell, an Educator for Consent Education, and Chairwoman of a Committee on Sexual Assault. She looks forward to playing an active role in helping Wilton plan and develop now and for the future.